Friday, June 17, 2011


Get Rid of Bad Smells in Your Fridge.
If any bad smell in your refrigerator that you can't seem
to get rid of, then try then try some  of these tips..
Try to clean the fridge with soap and water, Clean all the shelves and drawers with soap and water.
Try 2 keep spoons of coffee in freezer, on a plate and baking soda after the coffee.
Also, I was told a couple of drops of vanilla essence would
work. So no harm if you try this out. You can soak a cotton
ball in vanilla and place it on a plate in the fridge until the
bad  odor is gone.
A sewer odor coming from the drain means it  is produced
by  the sewer gas. Use cut lemons, oranges in the kitchen 
sinks, bathrooms to get rid of the smell.
If any garbage odor in your home, then wash  your garbage
cans on a regular basis. keep  them outdoors on a sunny day.
Get rid the air of the smell of burned food in the oven, 
sprinkle cinnamon in a baking dish and place it in  the
oven while it’s still warm.
Pouring vinegar down the drain is an effective means
of eliminating odors.
Try to use some Essential oils can be used for cleaning 
almost any part of the home.
There are many air fresheners in the market today that 
will keep your house smelling fresh.
Heat the water, add ground cinnamon, nutmeg and
vanilla extract into your boiling hot water.
This smell will freshen the air in your house.
Try vanilla, lavender, lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit,
clove or cinnamon in various forms such as potpourri, simmering pots and diffusers for the air and sachets for 
the laundry room, closets, drawers and in between sofa
cushions. Open windows to allow  fresh air in your home
and remove odors.
If you want to remove cigarette odor from a room  burn
a candle.
Lastly on cotton balls, few drops of your choice of essence 
will do wonders. Like peppermint, rose, chocolate, the list
is endless, u have to come up with a nice fragrance of your
Mina A Joshi says 
You can use any kind of coffee granules to get rid of orders from your fridge. You only need a couple of spoonfuls on a plate and it works fine.

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