Friday, December 16, 2011

Gulkand in Hindi: गुलक़न्द

Mouth freshener tip 4 the day..
"Gulkand Mukhwas" is usually eaten after a meal to aid digestion and freshen
the mouth. 
Gulkand in Hindi: गुलक़न्द is a sweet preserve of rose petals from Pakistan and North India. Gul means flower in both Persian and Urdu whereas qand means sweet in Arabic..
 Gulkand is an Ayurvedic tonic. Gulkand is commonly used as an ingredient in Paan.
  A simple gulkand recipe would need equal amount of bright red colored rose petals n sugar, wash n clean the rose petals. Mix rose petals n sugar, add few drops of rose essence. Keep in sun in a glass jar. A healthy homemade gulkand will be ready.

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