Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lord krishna Favourite Food..'. Makkhan Misri..'.

Makhan Misri, the most liked all time 
favorite of Shree lord Krishna.
Makhan Mishri, is  fresh white butter with
a sprinkling of sugar and it is the most loved
by Lord Krishan.  For ' Makhan ',  you need a bowl full cream, bring the cream to room temperature. Add 1 tsp  of curd for the cream
to curdle. Beat the cream with some water.
You will get the butter called  makhan that  seperates from the whey.
Take out the butter, add misri and coarsely ground almonds.
Offer  the Makhan , Misri on top remember to leave a piece of a tulsi leaf.
If one happens to visit Dwarka then a trip to Dwarikadheesh, this is where Shree   Dwarkadeesh reigned 5000 years or so back, but his presence is felt even today.
Sri Dwarikadheesh temple is a five storied structure, here special bhog are offered to
the lord, eight times a day.  Some of the bhog items include, makhan misri, thor, fruit, kesar sharbet, dry fruit, etc.

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