Sunday, September 8, 2013

Vagharela Mamara

Vagharela Mamara 
Spicy Puffed Rice also called ' kurmura '.
A very nice snack, crispy n crunchy.
Use to make the most tasty Bhel.
4 Cups Puffed Rice (Mamara).
Always shake mamara in a sieve to remove any dust.
For the tempering . . .
1 1\2 Tsp Oil,
1 - 2 Pinch Mustard seeds,
1\4 Tsp Turmeric powder,
1\2 Tsp Red Chilly powder,
1\4 Tsp Sugar powdered, opt
Salt to taste.
Put a big kadhai to heat add oil, mustard seeds and turmeric powder.
Quickly add the mamara and reduce the heat.
Keep stirring and mixing also add salt, red chilly powder and powdered sugar.
Stir until the mamara are crisp n crunchy.
Enjoy as a snack with some roasted peanuts or head to enjoy it as a Bhel with few other ingredients..

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