Friday, January 2, 2015

Paneer Cheese Stuffed Koftas

Paneer Cheese Stuffed Koftas
4 - 5 Tbsp Spinach (cut finely ),
1 Tbsp Cottage Cheese( grated) ,
1 Tbsp Cheese( grated) ,
8-10 Tbsp Bread Crumbs,
1 Potato boiled and mashed,
Salt and Pepper pd to taste,
1\2 Tsp Oil,
Put a pan to heat add oil, onion, stir for few seconds then add the cut spinach 

and salt , pepper pd to taste.
Mash the boiled potato add salt, half of the bread crumbs and the spinach.
Mix well, make 4 balls out of this.
Now take the grated cottage cheese and the cheese , add little pepper pd and

make small 4 balls out of this Place the small cheese balls inside the bigger potato balls,
roll well and coat with the bread crumbs, fry in hot oil.
Use these koftas in gravies of your choice.

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