Tuesday, June 24, 2014

did u know this ... mood enhancing foods . . .

did u know this ... mood enhancing foods . . .
Fresh coconut contains certain fats that enhance your mood. By eating coconut shavings, you’re not only boosting your mood but also improving the health of your brain.
Even walnuts improve your mood. 
Also the ‘look-so-cute’ Cherry tomatoes are responsible for enhancing your mood. 
Do not forget that spinach has folic acid too that makes you feel better.
Now how do Eggs and happiness go side by side?
Eggs prevent hunger and unnecessary food cravings, which in turn help you eat less food. This process itself makes you happier, you eat less, you avoid junk food and you can lose weight.
Whole grain products have the essence of happiness… OH YEAH!
Always remember Honey is a sugar substitute and it is organic. Honey will make anyone happy.
A tip for all ...
If you dip strawberries in honey, it works as an aphrodisiac and improves your mood.
If had in the right quantity, cheese can make you happy.
Again Asparagus folic acid that helps fight depression and improve your mood.

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