Friday, December 27, 2013

What Are Water Chestnuts?

What Are Water Chestnuts?
The name "water chestnut" comes from the fact that it resembles a chestnut in shape and coloring. 
Water chestnuts are perennials from a family of plants called sedge, a type of marshy grass with the edible part appearing at the bottom very much like a real chestnut in shape and color.
Did u know that these aren't actually nuts but an aquatic vegetable. Each has a similar size and mildly sweet apple-coconut flavor.
Also called Chinese water chestnuts, they're white, have a crunchy texture and a fresh, mild taste, and are often used in Chinese cooking. This is a firm, white, crunchy water chestnut, not a nut but a vegetable.
Nutritionally, water chestnuts have a good number of vitamins and minerals such as fiber, vitamin B6, copper, riboflavin, and manganese.
Why eat them?
Water chestnuts are just the perfect food for those who want to lead a healthy life. They are almost fat free and are therefore, a healthy food option.
Water chestnuts are also known to contain detoxifying properties and are considered to be good for people suffering from jaundice.
When choosing fresh water chestnuts, look for firm ones.
The fresh water chestnuts need to be peeled and the top cut off before using. Water chestnuts are frequently added to stir-fries, stuffing's, and dumpling fillings for extra texture and a sweet flavor.
Chinese herbalists believe water chestnuts can help sweeten the breath.

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