Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Baked Beans in Pav Barrels

Baked Beans in Pav Barrels

8 - 10 Pavs [ usually used in pav bhaji or vada pav,]
Butter to apply on all sides,
Grated Cheese to top the stuffed pavs.
1 Cup tinned Baked beans,
Few drops Tabasco sauce,
1 Tsp Tomato sauce,
1 Onion cut finely,
1 Tbsp Oil or Butter,
1 Tsp Garlic grated,
Few drops Tabasco sauce,
1 Tbsp Tomato sauce,
1 Tsp Sugar,
Salt and Pepper powder to taste.
Put a pan to heat add the oil, grated garlic and cut onion.
Saute the onion for few seconds on low heat until soft. 

Also rest of ingredients leaving the pavs to serve.
To serve..
Cut the pavs from the top leaving the sides and
the base intact.
Put a non stick tava to heat.
Apply butter on all the sides of the pavs.
Do on the tava on all the sides until golden brown.
Put the stuffing in the hallow and top with cheese..
Now add the tinned baked beans, both the sauces,
sugar, salt and pepper powder.
Serve with toasted bread slices with light butter applied.

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