Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Corn Tikki

Corn Tikki
1\2 Cup Sweet Corn boiled and coarsely ground,
1 Potato boiled and mashed well,
1 Onion cut finely,
1 Tbsp Coriander leaves cut finely,
1 Tsp Chilly n Ginger paste or 
1 Green Chilly cut and a small piece Ginger
1 Cup Bread crumbs to coat and
add 1 -2 Tbsp from this to the mixture,
Salt, Red Chilly powder, Chaat Masala,
Powdered Sugar, Lime juice and Pepper powder 

all to be added to one's taste.
Mix all ingredients well except all of the
bread crumbs.
Give the shape of tikkiis.
Use the remaining bread crumbs to coat each
of the tikkis.
Cook on a non stick tava using oil until golden brown.

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