Friday, December 26, 2014

Guava Cups

Guava Cups
2 Yellow soft ripe guavas cut into halves with all its
seeds scooped out from the center forming a ' cup ' space.
Now in the inner side sprinkle some salt n red chilly powder,
if wish 1 - 2 drops of lime juice.
Mix together as a stuffing
1\2 a Potato boiled cut in small pieces
2 Tbsp Pomegranate,
2 Tbsp Cucumber cut in small pieces,
4 - 5 Black grapes cut in round shape,
2 Tb Mixed Sprouts also included chola, chana and vatana.
1 Tbsp Green Chutney garlic flavor,
1 Tbsp Sweet chutney,
Salt, Red chilly powder, Pepper powder, Powder Sugar,
Chaat masala and few drops of lime juice all to one's taste.
Mix well.
Put this stuffing in the scooped portion of the guavas.
Sprinkle on top as garnish some sev| farsan| mixture.
Put in the fridge.
Serve this tasty n healthy dish.

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