Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dhebra in Gujarati

Dhebra in Gujarati ઢેબરા, it is a Gujarati food item made of pearl millet flour.Making of dhebra is quiet simple needing sufficient water and salt is mixed in millet flour to make a dough. The resulting dough balls are then flattened on a chakla to a round shape using a belan (rolling pin). Then, both sides of the dhebra are streamed with vegetable oil on a tava, until small brown spots appear.
This is a plain dhebra, made of millet flour (bajra atta) and it
is the simplest dhebra to make, it is the most commonly consumed in India. Another variety is the methi dhebra, in which methi leaves (fenugreek) are added for flavor. Dhebra can be prepared either by frying in a Kadhai like puri or on a Tawa like parantha.
did u know . . .
Bajri, bajra or millet is a popular ingredient in the Gujarati household. 

Bajra flour is used to make Rotal, Thepla or Dhebra.

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