Saturday, October 12, 2013


1 Try to choose bread appropriate to the sandwich u are making like
soft and fluffy breads for moist fillings.
Let the thumb rule be .... the moister the filling the drier and denser the bread should be.
2 Be careful as the Sandwich spreads adds flavor also lends moisture and sometimes creaminess to sandwiches. 
3 Even choose Toppings properly like tomato slices and lettuce also lend moisture so try instead of sliced tomatoes, roasted peppers.
Instead of lettuce, experiment with other vegetables, like sliced fennel, spinach, shredded cabbage, or cucumber.
4 Always be careful to spread mayo, butter or cream cheese all the way to the edges of each slice of bread to seal against wet sandwich fillings.
5 If planning to add sliced onions then soak thinly sliced onions in ice water for 20 minutes or so. Then drain and blot dry before using them..

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