Saturday, October 19, 2013

Few Cooking Terms . . .

Few Cooking Terms . . .
Baste means to moisten foods during cooking with drippings, water or seasoned sauce, to prevent drying or to add flavor.
Blend means to mix two or more ingredients until smooth.
Blend is to combine ingredients together to a desired consistency.
Brush means to spread food with butter or margarine or egg, using a small brush.
Bind is to add an agent or ingredient, such as an egg, to a dish.
Crumb is to cover in a coating of breadcrumbs before frying or baking, to give a crisp finish.
Bind to hold together.
Coat means to roll foods in flour, nuts, sugar, crumbs until all sides are evenly covered.
Cream means to beat ingredients, usually butter, or butter and sugar.
Dredge is sprinkle, coat or cover with flour, crumbs, cornmeal or other seasoned mixture.
Dust is sprinkle a food or coat lightly with flour, sugar, cornmeal or cocoa powder.
Dust is to decorate a cake or dessert with a fine, even coating of icing sugar or cocoa powder.
Mix is to stir, usually with a spoon.
Fold means to combine ingredients lightly and delicately.
Rub is to coat flour grains with fat, usually butter, by mixing the chopped fat through the flour.

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