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do u know . . . “Fruit of the Angels”

do u know . . . “Fruit of the Angels”
Papaya, a fruit which is available throughout the year, it is deliciously sweet. What is not well known is that Papaya has a lot of hidden benefits for skin, health and hair.
Papaya is very beneficial because ‘Papain’ commonly known as Papaya Enzyme is a kind of enzyme which is helpful in digesting proteins.
“Fruit of the Angels” as it Stops Cancer in Its Tracks.
Christopher Columbus discovered it in Mexico and called it the “fruit of the angels.”
Some people think he chose the name because of the fruit’s heavenly taste, unbelievable juiciness, and out-of-this-world scent.
But beyond its taste and aroma, scientists have confirmed this fruit’s ability to stop cancer growth. Nor do its health benefits stop with cancer. Keep reading to discover everything this “super fruit” can do for you…
Papaya’s orange-yellow-pink coloring is the visible sign of an awesome group of cancer-fighting carotenoids.
Papaya is also a naturally occurring blood thinner that can reduce your risk of blood clots and optimize blood flow.
Papaya seeds also promote a healthy heart, by way of three powerful antioxidants i. e vitamins A, C, and E.
Papaya’s high fiber also has a cholesterol-controlling effect on your body.
Unfortunately, as you age, your body’s own production of digestive enzymes goes down, leaving you with excessive undigested proteins that can cause a shortfall of amino acids and an excess of unwanted bacteria and other toxins.
If undigested proteins penetrate your gut and escape into your bloodstream, they are treated by your immune system as invaders. Too many of these escapees, and your immune system gets overworked and can’t keep up. Eating papaya counteracts that problem, aids digestion and also helps replenish friendly intestinal bacteria. Papain provides the proteolytic power you need to free up your immune system to do its normal work.
Proteolytic enzymes can also digest and destroy the defense mechanisms of viruses, tumors, allergens, yeasts, and some types of fungus.
Always remember like bananas, papayas turn from green to yellow as they ripen, which happens quickly at room temperature or in a paper bag.

Tips 2 buy fruits . . .
Choose a papaya that has a yellow or orange skin and feels a bit soft to the touch. Its ready to eat.

Who needs this . . 
Papaya is also fruitful for treating the dark spots of the skin.
So what are u waiting for?
Just do this much ...
The application of mashed pipe papaya with or without milk on your face can help in removing the dark spots and evens out the skin tone which results into a fairer and glowing skin.
Get a hydrated skin, mix mashed papaya with honey and apply on your face. Even moisturizing the skin is applying papaya on it.
Or if want skin tightening, apply mashed papaya mixed with honey and rice-flour for 15 - 20 minutes.
Do u want more papaya packs for the face ...
If skin tans and brightening the complexion with papaya also need to add yogurt, honey, lemon juice and egg white in it.
So do u agree ' papaya is good for health.'

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