Sunday, May 5, 2013

Make Eggless Marble cake at home using a cake mix..

Make Eggless Marble cake at home using a cake mix..
All u have 2 do is ... Follow the packet instructions ...
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees for 20 - 25 minutes..
Used Milkmaid Creations.. used 3\4 of the mix only..
Also mixed 1-2 spoons oil, butter and curd n cola flavor drink each
as mentioned 1- 2 spoons..
Also add vanilla essence then divide the batter into 2 parts..
Now in one part of the batter add cocoa pd and chocolate essence.
1 One has to make a single batter that you would divide into two.
Before putting to bake. For doing so you will have to melt the chocolate in 

a double boiler or do in the microwave, or add cocoa powder.. 
Then divide the batter into two parts..
[In the first batter add the vanilla extract.
In the second add the melted chocolate or cocoa powder..

The Vanilla cake batter and Chocolate cake batter are swirled together to make it look like marble... Hence Marble cake..
The white cake batter as your base & pour chocolate batter to make stripes 

on top of cake & have 2 run a knife through it to give it the marbling effect. 
(or swirls).]
The basic idea behind the marble cake is that you pour alternating layers of contrasting batters in a cake pan, so that you get a nice visual effect in each 

cut slice.In a greased mold pour the contrasting batters one by one ..
Put to bake. When cut into slices after baking it will appear like THIS..

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