Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stuffed Besan Ka Chila

Stuffed Besan Ka Chila
1 Cup Besan / Bengal gram flour,
2 Tbsp Paneer grated,
2 Tbsp Tomato cut finely,
Salt, Turmeric powder and Red Chilly powder
to taste.
2 Tbsp Paneer grated,
3 Tbsp Sweet Corn, boiled,
2 Tbsp Tomato cut in very small pieces,
2 Tbsp Cucumber cut very finely,
2 Tbsp Onion cut finely.
Add Salt, Pepper powder, Chaat masala to taste.
Mix all well, use water to make a thick batter.
Put a non stick tava to heat.
Put a spoonful of batter and spread to make
small size pancake.
Sprinkle drops of oil and after few seconds, flip
the side.
Again spread some oil, allow to cook golden
Serve with few spoons of the stuffing and fold into half.

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