Monday, May 21, 2012

"Do you know what weight loss means”

"Do you know what weight loss means” is inevitably answered incorrectly thanks largely to incorrect information and half truths.
What most people go wrong in the answer to “do you know what weight loss means” is that there is a difference between “weight” and “fat” and most people are talking about “fat loss” when they say “weight loss.” And now you’re thinking  whether you are clear on the difference. Because unless you are clear on the difference, your weight loss strategies will do more harm than good.
Fat is Only Part of the Weight:  Your weighing scale will tell you the weight of your bones, your muscles and organs and your fat. When you want to lose weight, you actually want to lose fat. Losing muscle will lead to health problems and so will, obviously, losing bones and organs. Therefore, your strategies for weight loss should be those that cut down the fat.
What the world calls “dieting” actually leads to more fat gain. Your body needs certain nutrients to survive. If you cut out those nutrients, by cutting down on what you eat then your body goes into “emergency storage mode” and stores food as fat. Therefore, every well-trained health practitioner will always tell you that if you want to live healthy, you have to eat  almost continuously.
The difference is of course, you need to eat the right kind of food.
Eliminate foods with no nutritional value – like aerated drinks, candies and chocolate, and processed foods like cakes and sweets. Replace them with fruits and vegetables and complete protein.
What you are doing here then is eliminating any possibility of storing extra fat and getting your body into the habit of not needing to store food.
Correct Weight Loss is to get your body to burn fat by a  regular exercise program  that includes cardiovascular exercise and strength training to build muscle.
Healthy weight loss involves fat burn and muscle building. Which gives your body a toned and lean look.
Most people are familiar with “weight loss” . If you do not know what is your body fat percentage before starting a weight loss program,  you could be losing lean muscle along with the fat.
A healthy weight loss program  is one that burns fat while building lean muscle. Therefore, if you are somebody who is trying to cut the fat, you first need to answer: What is my body fat percentage?
Every person needs to have a certain amount of fat in order for their body functions to work correctly.
Moreover, in order to focus on losing inches but not losing weight, one has to eat a diet that supports the fitness program.
There is little chance that people who start living healthy i.e. eating nutritious meals that include eggs, lean meat, whole wheat cereal, fruit and vegetables and exercise regularly with 
a mix of cardiovascular activity and weight training are not both fit and do not have excess fat.
Where most people go wrong is doing one or the other, i.e either only eating healthy and not exercising or exercising and eating anything they want. What every health and fitness professional agreed on is that rather than looking for excuses about is it possible to be fat and healthy, one would be better served living healthy and watch the results come in.
Eat Healthy Nutritious Breakfasts Every Day.
Links show nutritious breakfasts to successful long term weight loss.
Healthy Breakfast = Healthy Diet.
Healthy Breakfast = More Energy.
Healthy Diet = Better Weight Control.

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