Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fafda is a Gujarati and Rajasthani snack

Fafda is a Gujarati and Rajasthani snack that is had at tea time. The chickpea based dish is long strips of dough that has been deep fried.
This dish is very popular during the Indian festival of Dhussera and Fafda is a very popular as a snack in Gujarat.
These may be served with spicy papaya chutney and sometimes also called as ' fafda gathia', served with fried green chilies and coriander chutney.
These ' fafda gathiya ' are served with delicious dips like chutney recipes. The other recipes uses gram flour as main ingredient and involves sauteing, also curd, green chilli and various other spices are added. 

Generally a ' Papaya chutney ' is known as papaya sambharo served as accompaniment with gathiya and snacks.
Papaya chutney is so popular thus served with Khaman, papdi or fafda. Which can be freshly made at home.

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