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The marshmallow

The marshmallow . . .

The marshmallow is a confection that, in its modern form, typically consists of sugar, corn syrup, water, gelatin that has been softened in hot water, dextrose, vanilla flavorings, and sometimes coloring, whipped to a spongy consistency. 
Some marshmallow recipes call for eggs.
Marshmallows are a confection a candy. They've been around in the form we know them since the mid-1800s.
Marshmallows have a history that reaches back
to ancient civilizations and are still a big part of American tradition and pop culture today.
They are called "marshmallows" because part of the early recipe called for sap from the root of the marshmallow plant.
The use of marshmallow to make a sweet dates back to ancient Egypt, where the recipe called for extracting sap from the plant and mixing it with nuts and honey.
1 Chocolate-coated marshmallow treats are produced in different variations around the world, with several countries claiming to have invented it or hailing it as their "national confection."
The first chocolate-coated marshmallow treat was created about 200 years ago in Denmark.
2 Marshmallow creme is an American food item.
It is a very sweet, spreadable, marshmallow-like confection. Marshmallow creme and peanut butter are used to create a Fluffernutter sandwich.
3 Marshmallow dip is a sweet, dessert-like mixture that can be made from various types of marshmallow combined with other ingredients to make a treat used as a dip for fruits, crackers or cakes.
The marshmallows can be combined with melted chocolate, chocolate syrup, vanilla, jams or preserves, pieces of diced fruit or even crushed graham crackers.
4 Marshmallow squares are a dessert whose primary ingredient is marshmallows, but can also come in one of two types, one is crispy and the other are non-crispy.
There are usually only a few ingredients used.
5 Marshmallow brownies are made from chocolate, marshmallow, and often butterscotch to create a gooey twist to a classic brownie treat.
6 Sugar-free marshmallows contain artificial sweeteners in place of sugar, so they are low-calorie alternatives to the regular spongy confections that many people enjoy.
7 Marshmallow Fudge has a variety of different ingredients may be added to the fudge base to make different flavors.
One of the most common variations is marshmallow fudge, which usually adds chocolate, marshmallow, and toasted nuts
to the fudge base.
8 Marshmallow syrup has two definitions. The first, and possibly most familiar, is a thick, sugary syrup made from marshmallow fluff. It may be eaten on cakes and confections, breakfast pastries, and even ice cream. The second kind of marshmallow syrup is an herbal syrup usually consumed for medicinal purposes. This second kind of marshmallow syrup is also sweet, but should generally be taken under the supervision of a doctor or trained herbalist.
9 Marshmallow pie refers to any type of pie that has marshmallows as a main ingredient.
Marshmallows are sweet confections that easily adapt to dessert items.
10 A kosher marshmallow is a type of soft, spongy dessert created with gelatin made from fish or other animals that are designated as kosher.
11 Vegan Marshmallows are marshmallows made in accordance with the dietary restrictions to by those living a vegan lifestyle.
Such restrictions mean that vegan foods do not contain eggs, butter, milk, or other ingredients produced by animals. Vegan marshmallows are, therefore, produced without such products and utilize other ingredients to replace them.
12 Marshmallows Fondant, or sugar paste, is a type of icing that may serve as a topping or filling for desserts. Two main varieties of fondant exist: poured fondant and rolled fondant.
The primary components of fondant are sugar, water, and corn syrup.
13 Marshmallow tea is made from the marshmallow plant, which grows perennial throughout North America, Western Europe and Asia. The root contains a gel-like substance that is commonly known as mucilage, which is the primary source of the tea’s benefits. Marshmallow tea has been used by several cultures for its medicinal benefits for over 2,000 years.
14 Marshmallow root is an herbal remedy used for multiple ailments, marshmallow root is the base of the marshmallow plant. Medicinally, the root may be used for anything from chapped skin to the common cold. Marshmallow root may also be used as a cosmetic ingredient.
15 Cereal marshmallows are pieces of crunchy marshmallows that are sometimes included in sweet breakfast cereals.
16 A marshmallow roaster is a long, fork-like device used to hold marshmallows as a person browns them over a flame.
Marshmallow has primarily been used as a traditional herbal soothing agent for conditions of the respiratory and digestive tracts.

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