Thursday, July 19, 2012

Khakhra is a popular vegetarian roasted Gujarati snack

Khakhra is a popular vegetarian roasted Gujarati Indian thin cracker bread or snack item made from mat bean and wheat flour and oli. Khakhra is a crispy chapatti or roti.
They are crispy, crunchy and easy to carry.
Meaning of mat bean is ' moth bean '.
Khakhra is of several varieties such methi, jeera, bajri, math and masala flavors. The Khakhra is more like a readymade roasted papad, available in airtight packs.
Khakhra is usually eaten with chutney, pickles, butter, ghee or yoghurt. The Khakhra is a favorite food of the Gujarati people and popular in north western India region also.
In making of khakhara by the hand making process requires hard work and skill because care has to be taken to roast it at proper temperature.
While using the khakhara machine both rolling and roasting is done. Therefore, this saves heat and the oil required is less in this process. Khakhra made in machine are completely hygienic. So machine made khakhra are hygienic, good quality and low fat.

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