Thursday, July 19, 2012

Zilmil Shah love khakhra..Ahmedabad has so many shops where they sell different flavored kakhras.. garlic, pau-bhaji flavor, pani puri flavor, Chinese khakhra and what not....i am a hard-core gujju so, i can say this for sure that khakhra is comfort food and i have entertained my friends by serving them khakhra pizza so many times.
Zilmil Shah, pls give khakhra pizza recipe.
1: Magroli Khakhra - 1 pack..these are bit thicker than normal khakhras ..excellent for making pizza as they are crunchy. 
2: chopped onions, tomatoes, capsicums, green chilies or what ever topping you like. 
3: Pizza sauce - you can make your own or can use the store bought one too..(your choice. 
4: cooked beans or cooked moong.
5: Amul Cheese Shredded. Now, to assemble our pizza: spread cheese over khakhra. sprinkle all the toppings and top it off with our cheese. Cant get any simpler than that...very healthy and fun snack too...

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