Saturday, July 14, 2012


1 Boil noodles, drain them.
Sprinkle corn flour and fry until crisp.
In a pan add oil, sliced onions, capsicum, thinly cut carrot and
thinly cut cabbage.
Saute for few minutes.
Now add tomato sauce, sugar, pepper powder and salt to taste.
Also add few spoons water.
Arrange the fried noodles on a plate.
Pour the sauce on the noodles, serve hot.

Why it is called American Chopsuey? Did u know. .
American Chopsuey (also sometimes known as American goulash, Macaroni goulash or Macaroni and beef) is an American pasta dish.
The name American Chopsuey is most prevalent in New England. Commercial preparations of this dish are commonly marketed as Macaroni and beef.
Classic American chopsuey consists of elbow macaroni and bits of cooked ground beef with sauted onions and green peppers in a thick tomato-based sauce.
This ' American comfort food ' is clearly influenced by Italian American cuisine, so may be it is known as "American chop suey".
The American chopsuey is served on a plate or in a bowl, often with grated Parmesan cheese and/or Worcestershire sauce as condiments, and usually accompanied by bread.
Now it is served with crispy noodles served with stir fry vegetables and a tangy sauce and surprisingly this recipe is not an authentic Chinese Recipe. It happens to be one of the most common recipe in all the Chinese restaurants in India.
So it also be called 'American Chopsuey' is an Indo Chinese dish.

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