Thursday, January 30, 2014

What Is a Fruit Salad?

What Is a Fruit Salad?
Fruit salad is a dish consisting of a range o of fruit, served in their own juices or syrup or in a different kind of sauce. The fruit salad can be served as a dessert or as an appetizers.
How Do You Make Fruit Salad Syrup?
Fruit salad can be made from any mixture of fruits.
Allow approximately 300ml of syrup to each 1 lb fruit. 
To make the syrup, heat the water and sugar until the sugar has dissolved; add the lemon juice. Boil steadily until the syrup is reduced by half. Prepare the fruit according to kind and pour the boiling syrups over it.
Fruit Compote?
Compote is a dish containing fruit salad or stewed fruit with syrup. It can be made of whole or pieces of fruit immersed in water with sugar. It is usually served as dessert in most countries but in Poland it is a traditional drink.

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