Friday, August 23, 2013

Layered Cassata Ice cream

Layered Cassata Ice cream
An Ice cream which has been set layer after layer
and each layer having a distinct taste of its own.
750 ML Ready made Vanilla ice cream.
Bottom layer 250 ml of vanilla ice cream ..
3\4 of a Banana,
2 -3 drops of Lime juice,
6 - 7 Almonds cut as flakes.
Middle layer ..
250 ML of Vanilla ice cream
2- 3 Tbsp of Melted Chocolate or chocolate sauce,
2 Tbsp Softened Peanut butter.
Top layer . .
250 Ml Vanilla Ice cream,
2 Tbsp Black Grapes puree,
2 - 3 Oreo Choco creme biscuits.
Line a rectangular box with aluminium foil but having
a proper lid.
This is very important to avoid ice crystals from forming when the ice cream is put in the freezer section
Remember each layer is set and the second layer
only comes after being set for an hour in freezer section.
Step one soften 250 ml vanilla ice cream them mash
3\4 of the banana, few drops of lime juice and stir into the ice cream also add cut flakes of almonds.
Set this as the bottom layer, cover the lid tightly and
put in freezer for an hour.
For the middle layer again soften 250 Ml of vanilla ice
cream and add to it melted chocolate and softened peanut butter.
Put this to set as the middle layer.
Allow it to set for an hour.
The last layer is the top most ..
Again soften vanilla ice cream and add Grapes puree
[ You could add strawberry puree or kiwi crush]
and oreo biscuits broken with your hand.
Set it for few hours and cut in slices to serve..

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