Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bhakarwadi.. a snack item...

Bhakarwadi.. a snack item...


Ingredients for Bhakarwadi:
For the dough
1 Cup Bengal Gram flour, 1\2 tsp Red Chilly powder,
1\2 Cup Wheat flour, salt to taste, 2-3 tbsp oil,
A pinch of soda bi carb,
and a pinch citric acid mixed in water.

For the filling
1 Boiled and grated potato,
2 tbsp grated coconut ( fresh ),
2 tbsp finely cut coriander leaves,
2 tbsp roasted sesame seeds,
1 green chilly cut,
1 tsp chaat masala,
3\4 tsp red chilly powder,
1 tsp lime juice,
1 tsp sugar
Salt to taste.

Make a dough of the flours, salt, soda bi carb,
oil and red chilly powder. Mix well and make

a dough. Roast the sesame seeds and take in
a bowl, add the grated potato, grated coconut
also add cut coriander leaves, add a  cut green

chilly, mix . Now add salt and the rest of masalas
and ingredients to get a filling.
Take a lemon size ball of the dough, roll out as
thin as possible. Put the filling and tightly make
'a roll shape'  ( a cylindrical roll, cut into round pieces).

and cut into round pieces.
Put oil to heat, fry the cut 'Bhakarwadi'
till golden brown. A homemade snack is

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