Sunday, April 24, 2011


The true history of the pickle is somewhat of 
a mystery. Although some believe it dates back
to India 4030 years ago.
Pickling has been used to preserve food for 
almost 5,000 years. The pickle is both a fruit 
and a vegetable.
Spicy pickles are very important item in 
Indian meal. Pickles enhances the tastes
of the meal and increases the satisfaction
after every meal. Pickles are easy to prepare 
with right ingredients and can be preserved
for months. The pickles give the great taste 
for meals.
It is really very boring for the Indians 
particularly to have the meals without any 
pickle along with the meals.
Indian pickles are in a wide variety with lots
of different taste.
Vegetables used for pickling are first soaked in salt,
turmeric and vinegar solution for a day or  two. 
This preliminary process removes excess moisture
in the vegetables, helping them to remain crisp and
last for a long time.
Pickles can be made from a wide variety of fruit and 
vegetables. Few vegetables to mention like the mango,
lime, cauliflower, carrot,cucumber, green chilly pickles 
are everyone's favorite.
Some fruits that can be pickled are the plums, apples, 
peaches , pears and cherries.
Who does not like the pickles, the pickles are the
weakness of every one.
At my home, nobody is ready to have the meals 
without the pickle.
One spoon of tasty, tangy and salty pickle is a must
and should for the lunch and the dinner.
The finger licking mango pickle is a favorite of many.
As mangoes are available only during the summer season,
housewives are busy making pickles.
As soon as the  raw mangoes appear in the market,
people start making the pickles to use later through 
out the year.
This pickle is made to use for the whole year, that is 
till the next mango season starts.
For pickle, use raw sour mangoes.
The mangoes should be tight, not soft or wrinkled.
Wash them thoroughly and dry them well.
Any remaining moisture may spoil the pickle.

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