Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fried Leftover Idlis

Fried Leftover Idlis
Try this easy Fried Idli recipe 
and serve easy tea time snack..
4 - 5 Idlis cut into long pieces,
Oil to fry,
Salt n Red Chilly powder to sprinkle..
Heat the oil.
Cut the idlis in long pieces or any shape u wish.
Put in hot oil to fry, do until turn golden brown.
Sprinkle salt n red chilly powder when hot..
Serve with Sambar and Coconut Chutney (south Indian).
The fried idlis in Tamil Nadu is the most quick, simplest and delicious recipe one could make .......

also try these crunchy pieces with sugar.. Also serve in chaat form or make Kaima idlis ..
Catch this recipe here..

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