Saturday, July 27, 2013

Papads is the best accompaniment & lots of recipes link too..

Papads is the best accompaniment in Indian food. It can be served as a starter, appetizer, cooked in curry or as accompaniment; papads are had n enjoyed in any form. Papad or Papadum is an excellent accompaniment to any meal.
Papad are made and available in so many varieties like Urad dal papad, Sabudana papad, Rice papad, Chana Papad, Kali Mirch Papad, Moong Punjabi Papad these are few to mention but the choices are much more.
Do u know that papad can be had with various toppings such as like
Chopped onions, Chutney n Other dips and condiments.

1 Do u know that fried papad can be added to dahi to make a tasty

2 PAPAD KA SHAAK catch this recipe..
3 Would u like this recipe also .. Papad Stuffed Parathas by Tarla Dalal. ..

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