Tuesday, July 16, 2013

START TODAY .. .. “People eat with their eyes.”

START TODAY .. .. “People eat with their eyes.”
If this old adage "you eat with your eyes" is true, then the manner in which one presents the food is of most importance.
1 You can practice every day as you cook. There are countless cookbooks, blogs and magazines to give you ideas also..
2 Try out and take advantage of plating skills.
3 For a salad remember Keep it simple and fresh. Cut in a uniform manner.

 i. e Blanching and refreshing green vegetables.
4 Food always looks best on white.
5 When using colors, try complimentary colors and a variety of color.
6 So learn to enhance your food.
7 Remember the plate is the frame of the presentation.
8 Then color is also an important part of plate presentation.
Understand the impact of the colors..
Try complement green vegetables with other colored vegetables.
Green is fresh and cool, and can be soothing.
Red is passion and excitement.
Black is sophisticated and elegant.
Blue is a natural appetite suppressant, since it can make food look unappetizing.
9 Use different cuts and shapes of vegetables.
10 Never never decorate a plate with something inedible.
11 A garnish should complement and enhance the dish.
Keep trying presentation of the food that are relevant and simple.

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