Saturday, July 27, 2013

salted or unsalted varieties of Butter?

Which one to use in your cooking and baking? When it comes to
both salted or unsalted varieties of Butter?
Always remember that the dairy in both salted and unsalted butter leaves a smooth, creamy feeling in the mouth that no oil can match.
Then again the question which one to use?
The Unsalted butter gives you, the cook, complete control of the overall flavor of your recipe.
For example the use of butter in cookies or pound cakes will give
sweet cream flavor of butter as the key ingredient.
Also as there is no salt in the unsalted butter, the sweet cream taste comes through and you can add the exact amount of salt you want to add in the recipe.
Now about the use of Salted butter is all purpose, and perfect for spreading on bread, topping veggies and pasta and using in recipes where you are not looking to have so much control over the amount of salt in a recipe.

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