Thursday, March 14, 2013


The Parmesan is a hard n grainy in texture cheese. So the
Parmesan cheese is used grated on many different types of foods.
It is a good cooking cheese because it does not form threads as it melts. Parmesan cheese happens to be a perfect topper for pizza and Italian dishes.
The Blue Cheese is best crumbled or in dressing as it brings a nice balance to bitter greens in salads. Also can also pair it with bread, crackers, or fruit for an appetizer, or melt it on pasta or grilled meats.
The Brie cheese can be eaten plain or melted over tomatoes and French bread.
Cheddar cheese is perfect for sandwiches. Cheddar is great for cooking because its flavor is released when heated.
But remember that once Cheddar has been frozen it is best suited for cooking.
Mozzarella is the perfect cheese for Italian dishes or melted over tomatoes and garlic bread.
Provolone is also often enjoyed in sandwiches.
The Cotija also called as the "Parmesan of Mexico," and perfect for grating. Cotija is used as a garnish on many common dishes
by simply sprinkle on top of refried beans, salads, or lasagna. 

In Mexico, it is also widely used to enhance the flavor of many savory dishes by mixing it.
Emmentaler the "Swiss" cheese from Switzerland. It is best
for fondues, snacks, dessert and cooking.
Feta the pale white cheese used as a Mediterranean appetizer or even crumbled over salads. Mascarpone is creamy, thick and smooth, it melts well in sauces. Pasteurized Process Cheese gives best results as it melts smoothly when cooked with prolonged heating.

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