Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pinwheel sandwiches are ...

Pinwheel sandwiches are fabulous finger foods and are great for afternoon tea.
Pinwheel sandwiches are basically sandwiches where the filling has been rolled into the bread to look like a pinwheel!! They are usually used for fancy parties because they look so nice and so easy to serve.
Make a pinwheel sandwich, so take long strips of sliced bread (sliced on the horizontal) Put spread like an egg salad, and roll the bread up like a yule log. Many people put pickles along the bread at the starting point of the rolling. When you finish your yule log shape, and slice it into 1/2 inch sandwiches. Pinwheel mini sandwiches can be made with a spread which is your favorite and then cut into slices.
Take bread slices of your choice.
Cut the sides off the bread.
Roll with a rolling pin n lay it flat.
Even butter can be applied. Bread should be lightly buttered no matter what the filling. Butter should be at room temperature before spreading. Sandwiches will not become limp and soggy.
Apply sandwich spread. Remember that a spread is an important component, as it holds the sandwich together. Common spreads include cream cheese, mayonnaise, mustard and dressing.
Even sliced vegetables or grated mixed in the spread are not only tasty but easy to make.
Roll tightly. i. e Using rolling pin, flatten slices slightly.
Wrap in Cling Wrap and put in the fridge section. Refrigerate the roll for two hours.
Cut rolled sandwiches into slices. Serve immediately or refrigerate them until they are ready to serve.
Try mixing cream cheese, cut onions, chilies or Jalapenos and olives. Cut the crusts of the bread... so it becomes easy to roll, then simply fill, roll, chill, slice, and serve.

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