Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Corn On Toast

Corn On Toast
1\2 Cup Fresh Sweet corn coarsely ground,
1 Onion cut finely,
2 Tbsp Capsicum cut finely,
1 Green chilly cut in very pieces,
1-2 Tbsp Fine Flour| Maida,
1 Tsp Garlic paste,
5-6 Bread slices toasted,
2 Cheese cubes grated,
4 Tbsp Milk,
Salt, Pepper powder to taste,
1-2 Pinch of Sugar opt,
1 Tbsp Oil or Butter,
Few Spoons Tomato sauce to top it as dots.
Put a pan to heat add oil or butter and add the cut green
Now add the onion and capsicum also.
Stir for few seconds. Now add fine flour and milk.
If need be add 1-2 spoons water also.
Then add the coarsely ground corn n salt, pepper powder
to taste.
Cook on low flame until the corn look soft.
Put the bread slices to toast.
When ready on the toasted bread slices apply the corn
mixture and top with grated cheese also makes dots of tomato sauce.
Cut in triangle shape and serve. Or cut into 4 tiny pieces if
wish to serve as a starter...

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