Friday, March 29, 2013

Roasted Saunf with Supari

Roasted Saunf with Supari
1 Cup Kesari Laccha or also called Sali Supari.
Roast the Fennel ..
2 1\2 Cup Saunf | Fennel,
3 - 4 Tbsp Water to sprinkle,
2 - 3 Pinch of Turmeric powder,
Salt to taste.
Put the saunf [ raw ] in a thick bottom pan or kadai.
Now sprinkle water on the saunf to moist it.
Also sprinkle salt as per taste n turmeric powder.
Mix well by rubbing with palms.
Put on heat and stir continuously.
Check the heat rather control it by making it low heat or low flame in between.
See to it that the saunf roast well rather then burning at the base.
Stir continuously, the color will change because of turmeric powder it will start to appear

When you feel that the water added has evaporated and
stirring becomes light it is done.
Take it out in a bowl so that no further cooking continues.
Allow to cool then add the sali or laccha supari and give it a nice mix.
Store in an air tight container..

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  1. Very well explained. I make this in the microwave and it turns out fine.