Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mathiya is a deep fried papad ..

Indian food is famous all over the world because it is considered delicious n has distinct taste. 
Gujarati cuisine is also distinctive in its wide variety of farsan.
Gujarati snacks like khakhra, mathiya, chaulaphali, pani puri n many more are also very delicious.
The famous Khakhra which are roasted thin cracker bread which
is a crispy and crunchy made from wheat flour and oil or butter. People in Gujarat, have it in the morning or as evening snack. Some farsan are eaten as snacks or light meals in their own right. Some are fried items which are then dried and can be stored, others fresh, fried or steamed.
Mathiya is a deep fried papad
type snack item made from ground
Moth beans flour n urad dal flour. Mathiya is one of the most famous and tasty Guajarati snacks. These are usually prepared during Diwali. Mathias are papad type but more spicy compared to the regular papads. This is a snack that is served with tea or coffee in the evening. Mathiya or Mathia is a savory snack which is a must in every Gujarati house during Diwali.

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