Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Palm Kernal/Nungu/Ice Apple ... Tadgola

Palm Kernal/Nungu/Ice Apple ... Tadgola
Borassus flabellifer, the Asian Palmyra palm, Toddy palm, Sugar palm, or Cambodian palm, is native to South and Southeast Asia, in the Indomalaya ecozone. It is palm tree, one of the Sugar palm group, found from Indonesia to Pakistan.
Borassus flabellifer is a robust tree and can live more than 100 years and reach a height of 30 m (98 ft).
The very large trunk resembles that of the coconut tree and is ringed with leaf scars.
Also popularly known as Tadfali (pronunciation variations are Tad-fali or Taadfali) in Gujarati, Targula in Konkani, Tadgola in Marathi and sometimes Ice-apple in British English.
The fruit measures 4 to 7 inches in diameter, has a black husk, and is borne in clusters. The top portion of the fruit must be cut off to reveal the three sweet jelly seed sockets, translucent pale white, similar to that of the lychee but with a milder flavor and no pit.
The jelly part of the fruit is covered with a thin, yellowish-brown skin. These are known to contain watery fluid inside the fleshy white body. The taste of the Nungu is not unlike the flesh you get inside tender coconuts.

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