Thursday, March 14, 2013

Have u wondered how to store Cheese?

Have u wondered how to store Cheese?
Once the Cheese has been opened avoid the cheese from drying out or pick up other flavors so always re-wrap cheese in fresh wrapping, preferably in waxed or parchment paper .
Try to wrap Cheese to protect it from picking up other aromas in the refrigerator, and be able to prevent its flavor from migrating to other foods.
Try wrapping cheese in a Foil as it happens to be the best wrapping, and plastic wrapping could be the worst as it traps moisture that may cause cheese to mold more quickly.
Tip two try putting the wrapped cheese in a covered container which will provide it an extra protection for strong-smelling cheese.
Tip three remember not to store cheese in the freezer section of the fridge.
When using cheese in cooking always add at the end of your cooking.
When cheese is cold it will grate well.

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