Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fun in the Kitchen with kids..

You can spend quality time cooking with your kids. Make it fun for them in the kitchen.
A fun way for the two of you to spend time together.
Why not get them involved in doing something with you every day?
Start with teaching your kids to cook and teach it as a skill that will be useful to them
through out their lives.
Allow your kids to select the recipe, so sit down together and review the recipe.
Before starting to cook make kids familiar with the recipe n ingredients.
Kids could help with little chores like peeling, mashing a potato or shelling peas.
Try to start by teaching them to wash fruits and vegetables.
Also could try teaching them to press buttons n be able to use a microwave.
Allow them to mix salads with veggies n fruits of their choice.
They could enjoy making granola bars, i.e mix n setting them.
Teach them how simple it is to make your very own chewy granola bars at home.
Some simple mocktails or a lemonade could be gr8 fun.
No gas n no fuss brownie.
Assemble variety of sandwiches could be fun.
Teach them how to make easy sandwiches.
Remember to tell them that messes are a part of cooking, even for adults.
Always encourage kids to be creative even in cooking.
Example allow them to suggest garnishes for the dessert and let them go wild!
Also it will be fun if they are choosing their own toppings for a homemade pizza.
Teach them or reinforce safety rules for the kitchen. Regarding the gas stove, knives, water n electricity also many more. Try to promote a safe and healthy cooking experience.
Begin your cooking with kids by telling them some valuable cooking tips.
The fore most rule could be "Wash your hands!" all the time when cooking.
When cooking also tell them why they must wash his hands before cooking.
Cooking with kids is the best way to get kids interested and even excited about healthy foods.
Let them make their healthy menus.
“Kids can start cooking from any age,” says Karmel.
“They can get mixing, rolling and kneading really early.”
“Focus on the fact that cooking is a great way to spend some quality time with your
children and that it drags them away from the PlayStation or computer for a few hours.”

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