Thursday, April 25, 2013

Juhu Beach Chana Chaat

Juhu Beach Chana Chaat
2 Cups Red Gram Chana boiled,
[ Pressure cook soaked chana with soda bi carb].
Saute small portion like half cup chana..
1 Tbsp Butter,
1 Garlic cut into small pieces or grated,
1\8 Tsp Ginger cut into small pieces or grated,
1\2 Green Chilly cut into small pieces,
1 Tbsp Tomato cut into pieces,
2 - 3 Tbsp Onion cut into pieces,
Salt, Red chilly powder, Chaat masala, 
Pav bhaji masala and Powder Sugar  to taste ... opt.
Few drops Lime juice.
For garnish on top ..
Cut pieces of tomato, mango and onion, also can
add coriander leaves.
Pressure cook soaked chana along with soda bi carb.
At the time to serve, put the chana to boil.
In another pan add butter and one by one all ingredients
mentioned under saute.
Quickly stir in this half cup boiling chana and serve with a

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