Saturday, April 20, 2013


The most popular wedding cake is called “Traditional stack cake”; “this is where each layer of cake which can be of different flavors to the next layer are positioned directly on top of the last”.
The Traditional stack wedding cake is similar to the traditional cake, both are filled with fleshed flowers offers more visual impact and height. Meanwhile, cakes can be divided by traditional pillars as well. White cakes have been the most traditional wedding cake flavor; moreover, it is able to add flavor content between layers. Chocolate cake is also the other best choice for weddings.
Many types of cake layer recipes exist from sponge like layers of cake to cookie dough like ones; sometimes a stack cake includes many variations and flavors. Stacked Cakes and cakes with columns or tiers can be very dramatic and beautiful also.
Stacking is the most architectural method of tiered cake construction. Tiers are placed directly on top of one another and pillars are not used. Cakes are supported and stabilized by dowel rods and cake boards.
In short it can be said that ...
A stacked wedding cake is made up of layers that sit directly on top of one another. To keep the layers from sinking in, little poles or separators are pushed into each one. Layers can be stacked straight up or even asymmetrically. This style has become increasingly popular in comparison to the traditional tiered design.
A tiered wedding cake also gives a multi layered effect. However, each tier is separated and supported by pillars. Unlike the separators used in a stacked cake, these pillars are several inches high and clearly visible. The open space between each tier allows for flowers to be placed in between. Decor can also be wrapped around the columns themselves. The multi tiered cake seems to get more attention because of its 'heightened presence'. And of course, another reason for wanting a bigger cake is to have more servings.
Next time be prepared 2 take your cake to the next level? Well, I'm talking about making tiered cakes ...

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