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A Masala Khichdi Recipe 4 Healthy Eating ...

A Masala Khichdi Recipe 4 Healthy Eating ...
Masala Khichdi is a quick Indian food prepared with a combination of rice 

with lentils. Ususally a rice and lentil dish is called Khichdi.
Why is Khichadi is an all-time favorite n comfort food in every family.?
Everyone feels khichdi is so simple yet delicious.
It can be easily prepared at home and be enjoyed with curd, vegetable salad and papad. 
Also goes well with punjabi or Gujarati kadhi.
What if finely chopped potatoes and other chopped vegetables of one's choice are added for a variation.?
Then use any vegetables of your choice like green peas, French beans, cauliflower, potato, carrot, cabbage etc to make a tasty n healthy khichdi with mixed vegetables.
Ghee is used in a khichdi to get a nice aromatic flavor.

All you have to do is heat some ghee in a pressure cooker
or thick-bottomed vessel.
Once the ghee is hot, add little mustard or cumin seeds, [opt]
add a cardamom, cloves, bay leaf, a piece of cinnamon and a green chilly cut into long piece.
Also add long cut pieces of ginger.
Now add the sauteed veggies of your choice.
It's time to add the rice and the moong dal.
[soaked for some time].
Also add salt n turmeric powder to taste.
Mix well.
Pressure cook n add a spoon of ghee, serve piping hot.

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