Friday, February 22, 2013

Tomato Gazpacho cold soup

Gazpacho is usually a tomato-based, vegetable soup, traditionally served cold.
Tomato Gazpacho cold soup
1 Tomato blanched,
1 Tsp Cucumber cut,
1 Tsp Onion cut,
1 Tsp Tomato cut,
2-3 Ice cubes,
1-2 drops of Lime juice,
1-2 drops of vinegar,
1 drop Tabasco sauce,
1 Garlic clove,

1-2 Pinch of Cumin pd [opt],
1 Tsp Olive oil,
Few pinch powdered Sugar,
Salt n Pepper powder to taste.
Blend all together in a mixer jar..
Serve chilled in a single serve glass..

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