Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Peach Melba is a classic dessert

The Peach Melba is a classic dessert, invented in 1892 or 1893 by the French chef Auguste Escoffier at the Savoy Hotel, London to honour the Australian soprano, Nellie Melba. It combines two popular summer fruits like Peaches and Raspberry sauce accompanying vanilla ice cream.
Peach Melba is peaches halved, poached and skinned, then sliced, sprinkled with sugar and cooled. A raspberry sauce is made. Ice cream is served with sliced peaches arranged on top, then the dessert is drizzled with the raspberry sauce.
Peach Melba is a famous dessert, long a classic in Europe and much enjoyed in many other parts of the world. This basically mixes peaches and raspberries in a sauce over vanilla ice cream.
The original name for Peach Melba was pecheau cygne or "peach with a swan."
Oh what a lovely dessert Where the peaches and raspberries are chilled, ice cream is placed in a dish, bowl or cup, and the peaches are layered on top. Next, raspberry sauce is poured over the peaches and ice cream to produce a wonderful sundae like confection that bursts with fresh taste.
What is a Melba sauce?
It is a type of fruit sauce typically prepared using currant jelly, raspberries, and usually includes some cornstarch or a similar thickener. The resulting sauce is sweet and fruity, and is often associated with a dessert dish called Peach Melba, though it can be drizzled onto any dessert such as ice cream, angel food cake, frozen yogurt, or pudding. Melba sauce is usually made with raspberries, though any similar type of fruit could be used.

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