Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Methi Thepla Recipe

Methi Thepla is a favorite Gujarati flat bread variety.
These methi thepla are flatbreads which are made from fresh fenugreek leaves, whole wheat flour and gram flour n masalas which are added when making a dough.
Methi Thepla Recipe
1 cups whole Wheat flour,
1 Tbsp Bengal gram flour,
1 Tbsp Yogurt,
1 Pinch of Cumin seeds,
1 Pinch of Ajwain seeds,
1\4 Teaspoon Turmeric powder,
1\2 Teaspoon Chilli powder ,
4 Tbsp washed n finely chopped Fenugreek|Methi leaves
1 Tbsp Oil,
Salt to taste.
Combine all ingredients to make a dough.
Take a small ball size of the dough, roll until thin.
Put on tava n use oil to make the thepalas..
Pressure Cooker Aloo Subzi
Quick, instant subzi.

4 Potatoes, cut into cubes,
1 Tomato, cut into small pieces,
1\2 Cup Green Peas,
1 Tbsp Oil,
1 Green Chilly, cut,
A small piece of Ginger cut,
2 Cups water,
1 Tbsp Sweet Tamarind chutney,
1\2 Tsp Pav Bhaji masala,
1\2 Tsp Turmeric powder,
2 Tsp Coriander powder,
1\8 Tsp Cumin seeds,
A pinch Asafoetida,
1 Tsp Red Chilly powder,
1\2 Tsp Sugar,
Salt to taste.
Peel and cut potatoes into cubes.
Also cut the tomato into small pieces.
Put the pressure cooker to heat.
Now add oil, Cumin seeds, asafoetida, green chilly,
cut ginger.
Take in a bowl, 1\2 cup water in this add turmeric n
red chilly powder. 
Add this to the above tempering in the pressure cooker. 
Also add cut pieces of potatoes, tomatoes, green peas,
rest of the water, coriander powder, pav bhaji masala,

tamarind chutney, sugar,salt.
Put the lid on the cooker and pressure until 4 whistles.
When the pressure cooker cools down, pour it in a pan, 

check the seasoning, add cut coriander leaves.

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