Thursday, February 7, 2013

What is a Chocolate Ganache?

What is a Chocolate Ganache?
A Ganache is a rich, silky chocolate mixture .... 
It is probably a mix of cream and chocolate. It is used as thick icing for cakes, thin icing for cakes (shiny glaze), t hick, whipped cake fillings, truffles n as a chocolate sauce.
Tip: Ganache can be made with dark, milk or white chocolate, but make sure that you use high quality chocolate.
Ganache is a rich mixture of semisweet chocolate and boiling cream, stirred until smooth. The proportions of chocolate to cream may vary, and the resulting ganache may be used as a cake glaze, or beaten until fluffy and used as a filling or base for truffles and other chocolate confections.
How to make a ganache easy way...
The best proportions 2 make a ganache is equal parts of chocolate and heavy cream.
Always use cooking chocolate n chop into pieces.
Then heat the cream in a pan until it simmers and bubbles can be seen. Now pour over the chopped chocolate. Stir or mix well until smooth.
When making a ganache it will depend on how much chocolate and cream so that the taste of both will come through clearly.
Few proportions for ganache are 4 a chocolate truffles one will have to take two parts chocolate to one part cream.
If using as a cake filling take equal parts chocolate and cream.
For a soft icing just mix one part chocolate to two parts cream.

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