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"Misal" literally means a mixture....

"Misal" literally means a mixture....
Misal pav a spicy curry with bread known as "pav" is a traditional Indian dish.
The spicy gravy part is also called "Tarri" in Maharashtra. Another one is the milder Poona Misal or Puneri Misal. 
It consists of spicy curry usually made of sprouts, mutter, chick peas and chilly powder gravy.
The final dish is topped with Punjabi mix, Farsan or Sev (Indian noodles).
Misal from Kolhapur, a place in South-West India, is very famous for its high spice content and is particularly known
as Kolhapuri misal.
It is made of a particular variety of sprouted lentil called "Matki" which has a sweet aroma.
Misal in its original form is prepared using onion, ginger,
garlic and other spices.
It has two parts, a thick curry of matki called "Usal" which
has less water content and a watery and spicy "cut" or "bite". Usually people mix these two according to their taste and requirement.
In most restaurants which serve misal-pav, usal and cut are served together.
Misal pav is common street food in Mumbai and it is served with a farsan as Misal is usually quite spicy so to balance the taste servedwith farsan.
So Misal Pav becomes a great one meal food.
The ingredients that are used in making Usal are matki/moth beans, Tarri or Katt the spicy curry and the garnished with sev, chiwda, farsan, cut onions, fresh coriander and served with a wedge of lemon.

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