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An egg wash is used to make pastry (such as a pie crust) shine, and aids in browning. 

An egg wash is also used to bind parts together (such as when patching holes or cracks in 
your crust, or to seal the edges of the top and bottom crusts together, or to add fancy cut-outs), or to moisture-seal the bottom crust when blind baking so it doesn't get soggy when the pie filling is added.
An egg wash is just beaten egg and maybe a little bit of liquid usually milk or water, which is mixed together and brushed or "washed" onto the pie dough's surface with a pastry brush. 
Be careful not to brush it on too thickly, or it can dribble down between your crust.
An egg wash can be used in all types of recipes.
It is commonly used to add shine to baked dishes.
For a quick egg wash one will need ...
An egg and 2 tablespoons milk or water.
Break egg into a small bowl.
Whisk egg until well blended.
Also add milk or water.
Now whisk both together well.
i.e An egg and water.
An egg and milk.
Using a brush apply on unbaked bread or unbaked pie crust.
Bake as usual process.
Always remember that the milk based egg wash will not as shiny as the one made with water.
The typical egg wash recipe consists of about two tablespoons of liquid for each egg. Using less liquid creates a darker egg wash. 
In the culinary terms Egg Wash means a mixture of beaten eggs and some sort of liquid which is brushed onto food, such as pastry, before baking. Brushing egg wash onto pastry adds a golden color and sheen to the cooked pastry.
This small step of an egg wash makes all the difference in your pie's final appearance.
Always remember 2 add a pinch of salt when beating an egg to get a darker, glossy exterior.
Have u tried the Cream wash ever?
For cream wash remember to sprinkle sugar on top to get better browning.
An egg wash can be done in six major variations with |without egg white which are mixed with water | milk | cream.
Few facts on baking...
The shine will be provided by the egg yolk. So the higher concentration of yolk the more shine. Also the egg whites makes things a little crispy.
Remember to add cream or milk to get it a little bit darker.
If adding salt to an egg wash it does help to get a little darker than normal.
You can substitute milk for the water which will provide a duller finished product. You can also use yolks only with cream for shiny, darker brown finish.
Use soy milk for a vegan substitute for an egg wash on crusts or pastries.

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